Manufacturing Partner Advantage

R&D and Testing Dept.

We pay tremendous attentions and  invest more on the R&D and testing department, which is led by 15 professionals for researching and development. 




High Quality & Innovative Product.png                


High Quality & Innovative Product

Thanks to our proficient staffs and advanced equipments for which we can guarantee the high-quality products to our customers.

Production facilities and workshops

As a leading Asia adhesive product and industrial adhesive manufacturer, our strong capability ensures a competitive product availability and lead-time.





QC during every production step

Thanks to our standard internal Quality Control Regulation that requires serious inspection on each production stage.

A glance of the logistics center and warehouse

Thanks to the smart warehouse management system that make sure all goods stocked in can be displayed and moved in and out in a very well-aligned way.



Green Production

We care for the environment and take it in priority in production, our customers and the local government can always rest assured that we have the clean and green production lines.